President: Alan Case

Hill City, SD

Alan was born and raised in Central Nebraska where in the 60's and half of the 70's pheasant hunting was very good.  He and his brother were the dogs until his dad bought an English Setter in 1963.  As a young adult Alan started waterfowl hunting and had a couple of lab mixes, one that was outstanding.  He got his first black lab in 2001 and had him  trained and that trainer got him started in the HRC.  He lost him dove hunting to heat stroke, but bought his brother from the next litter, and had a wonderful yellow female.  He trained her himself all the way up to her HRCH. I have owned and trained many labs since then.  He became a judge and have AA started, and seasoned, and finished judge status.  He saw the want for an HRC club here in western SD and has taken the steps to get this club started. He very much enjoys testing and hunting retrievers.


Vice President: Dale Christensen

Custer, SD

Dale and his wife, Mary Burns, are avid upland bird hunters and occasionally hunt waterfowl(under supervison of more experienced friends :-). 


They own 3 labrador retrievers.  While Dale and Mary are more "hunters" than "hunt testers" their dogs are all trained and tested to a Hunting Retriever Champion level.  They use MRHRC club training days and help from other club members to maintain their dogs' field proficiency and also as a way to spend more quality time with their dogs.

Dale and Mary both grew up with dogs and Dale served a tour of duty in the U.S. Airforce as Sentry/Patrol dog handler.

Treasurer: Mary Burns

Custer, SD

Mary and her husband, Dale Christensen, are avid upland bird hunters.

They own 3 Labrador retrievers, each of whom has achieved their HRCH title.  Plans are in the making to add a couple of pups to the family in 2021 to plan for the future retirement of our current dogs.

It has been a great opportunity and experience to be part of the HRC family.  Being part of an national organization and a local club that nurtures guides dogs (and handlers) to their full potential is truly rewarding.

Sparky SD (1).JPG

Secretary: Mark Lindvall

Johnson Siding, SD

I enjoy upland, waterfowl and big game hunting.  I trained my first lab, Yarrow, in 1973 using the classic book, Training Your Retriever by James Lamb Free.  My second lab, Buco, was lucky to live in a time of abundant pheasant and grouse populations and learned and taught me a lot in the field.  My third lab, Otter, was the first I ran in HRC and he got me through the hunting retriever level.  Sparky, my present companion, is trained through the hunting retriever level and is a good duck and waterfowl dog and hunting companion for a retired guy.  I have enjoyed hunting, working and training with all four dogs.  Fellow HRC members have been a big help in improving my dogs' hunting and retrieving skills.  As club secretary I hope to help Mt. Rushmore HRC prosper and grow.  Happy hunting and training to all.

HRC Officer Duties

Wondering who you may need to contact within the club, or interested in serving as an officer in the future? The officer duties below may help.


The President serves as the presiding officer and spokesman of the Mt Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club. The President shall preside over all meetings of the membership and the Committees. As executive and managerial head of the Mt Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club, the President shall be responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the highest principles of the association. The President shall have authority to appoint any and all committees as the President may deem necessary to carry out the business or interests of the association. The President shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. As an ex officio member of the committees, the President has the same rights as the other committee members, but is not obligated to attending meetings of the committees. 

The President is responsible for the day to day administration of the Association between Hunting Retriever Club, INC. Where practical, the President shall seek out input from the Directors and other officers before making major decisions between meetings.

The President will coordinate the other officers, provide agenda items, and preside over Club meetings.

Vice President

The Vice President assists the President in directing, coordinating and controlling activities of the Mt RushmoreHunting Retriever Club. The President and Vice President shall work closely together endeavoring to keep the lines of communication open to insure the Vice President is kept well informed. The Vice President shall serve in an advisory capacity to the President on issues needing consultation. In the absence of the President, the Vice President succeeds to the presidential office on the resignation, removal, death or disability of the President. The Vice President shall accept other responsibilities as assigned by the President. 


The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the organization, usually called the minutes. The Secretary will keep the organization official membership roll. The Secretary will maintain record book(s) in which minutes are recorded with any amendments to these documents properly recorded, and have the current record books on hand at every meeting. The Secretary will make the minutes and records available to members after meetings, and upon request. The Secretary will preside in the absence of the President and Vice President at all meetings of the association with the same power vested in the President.  The Secretary handles Club correspondence, updates and maintains, website, Facebook, advertising, and media releases. 


The Treasurer shall hold funds deposited and make disbursements within thirty (30) days of the receipt of appropriate and approved bills. All drafts, unless previously authorized in writing by the President, on the association, will be countersigned by the President. The Treasurer is required to keep current, as nearly as possible, a balance of the association funds at all times. The Treasurer shall provide to the membership such reporting as may be requested, but at a minimum, a quarterly detailed Balance Sheet. The Treasurer is required to make a full financial report annually.   The Treasurer will report at the monthly meeting expenses paid out, pending, and balance, as well as notifying the other officers of thanks you note or other items that may be generated by incoming and outgoing funds.  They will also work closely with any fundraising committee and fundraising efforts.  The treasurer will also provide a copy of the monthly report to the secretary as part of the meeting recording.