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January Meeting

The ball is officially rolling! We had our first Mt Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club Meeting, elected officers, set a few goals, and signed a few papers. We are well on our way to becoming legit!

Lots will be happening in the next few months as we get our feet under us. The goal is to hit the ground running and have our first hunt test this summer. Plans are in the works! In the mean time, we need to round up more members and hunt test enthusiasts. Let's get this party started! If you know someone that would like to spend more time with their dog, fine tune the hunting skills, or just join our pretty awesome dog friendly community, send them our way.

If you are new to the HRC, be sure to check out our FAQ page! There is a lot of great information on the titles, requirements, and process in general. If you still have questions, send us a message on our fabulous contact page. We would love to get the ball rolling for you too.

Mount Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club

Minutes Of Meeting On January 5, 2017 Meeting was called to order by Alan Case at 6:03pm.

This meeting was called to establish a chapter of Hunting Retriever Club in Rapid City, and shall be called Mount Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club.

Alan called for nominations for the office of President. Jessica Deel nominated Alan Case, no other nominations were made, and Alan accepted the position. Alan then asked for nominations for Vice President, Jay Shaffer nominated Mark Stites. No other nominations were made and Mark accepted the nomination. Alan then asked for nominations for the Secretary position. Rick Himmlespach nominated Shannon Stites. No other nominations were made and Shannon accepted the position of Secretary. The last position of Treasurer was opened for nominations and Jay Shaffer nominated Jessica Deel. No other nominations were made and Jessica accepted the position of Treasurer.

The next item of business was club dues. Alan stated that HRC is family orientated and they want a single person dues fee and a family fee, which is usually a discount. Jessica Deel moved that the dues should be $20.00 for single and $30.00 for a family. Second by John Hull. The matter was discussed, and the motion carried. A motion was made by Cody Deel stating that if members didn’t pay their dues by March 15th they would be dropped from the membership rolls. Second was made by Beverly Hull. Motion carried.

The next item of business was to set up a meeting date. Jessica Deel moved to meet the first Thursday of every month, second was made by Larry Meagher. Discussion followed and the motion passed. There was then discussion on becoming a non-profit organization and steps to get a tax ID to be able to set up a bank account for the organization. John Hull and Jessica Deel will do the follow up with that. And John Hull will look into what it will cost for liability insurance for the club. Then there was much discussion on how HRC hunt tests work, training for these hunt tests, and grandfather judgjudges for the club. No decisions were made, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm.

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