• Shannon L. Stites

February Meeting

Another meeting under our belts with a few new faces!

Mt Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club

held at Hardees, Rapid City, SD

Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 9th, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:06 pm

Minutes from the January meeting were read by Club Secretary Shannon Stites. Mark Stites motioned to approve. Motion was seconded by Jessica Deel. Motion passed.

Club Treasurer Jessica Deel gave her report. Current club balance in checking is $320 and $25 in savings. Jessica reimbursed President Alan Case for the $25 application fee he paid out of pocket. No other incoming our outgoing expenses reported.

Old Business

Thank You's: Alan brought up sending out thank you notes to any donations from here on out. It was decided that the Treasurer would pass along any thank you's that need to go out as they come in to the Secretary and they will be reported monthly at the meeting.

Insurance: There was a discussion on insurance again. The concern was that with our current lack of funds that we should wait to purchase the insurance when we in fact need it. For now we will continue training under the Mount Rushmore AKC Club. John Hull did not have any quotes at this time. The discussion was tabled by President Alan Case.

Website: The new website was explained by Secretary Shannon Stites. We have purchased a domain and it can now be seen at www.mtrushmorehrc.com. A copy was passed around for ideas and corrections.

Bank Account: Club Treasurer Jessica Deel explained the new bank account at Black Hills Federal Credit Union. The first deposit was made on Jan 23rd and a savings and checking account were opened. Jessica also explained the information that she was able to gather about getting a 501c3 for our Non Profit status. She got an application and stated that there was a possible $400 filing fee that may need to be paid. Cinda Jones stated that she was also going through process with two other other organizations and had an appointment with an accountant who could answer a few questions. She said she would do some information gathering and share with the group. The subject was tabled by President Alan Case.

New Business

Fundraising Ideas: Jessica Deel recommended a bird dog challenge. A competition that could include any breed. Cost and revenue ideas and numbers were tossed around. It was mentioned that an event like this would require insurance and the lack of cover this time of year would be an issue, as well as amount of work, and start up cost. Other location ideas were thrown around.

Mark Stites mentioned a message we received from Dane Johnson about his Nebraska HRC's fundraiser. He said their HRC does a shotgun raffle every year and showed us all of the figures involved proving revenue.

Rick Himmlespach mentioned a Super Singles Event which may have less of an out of pocket cost to the club than say a bird dog challenge. It was mentioned that this may be a good event to add to our hunt test on Friday to get more entries if grounds can be found to use for the event.

Shannon Stites recommended a Fundraising Committee. President Alan Case appointed Mark Stites, Shannon Stites, Katherine Ellett, and Cinda Jones to the Committee to present detailed plans that can be immediately put into motion once approved.

HRC Status: The Committee approved our new club.

Equipment Storage: Alan Case and Mark Stites will be driving down to Nebraska to pick up our new equipment from the disband HRC. We will need a place to store it. It was discussed to store it at Aaron Goodell's or at Custer County Airport with Mark Stites. At this time Mark Stites will store it.

Treasurer Nomination: Current Treasurer Jessica Deel gave her resignation. It was accepted by President Alan Case. Mark Stites nominated Cinda Jones for Treasurer. Jessica Deel seconded the nomination. President Alan Case put it to vote, and nomination passed. Jessica Deel gave over her information regarding the position to Cinda Jones. Jessica was removed from the HRC bank account and Cinda was added.

Logo and Ribbons: A few logos were passed around and asked for more ideas. Colors were talked about. Alan Case said that we may get ribbons from the disband club in Nebraska that we can refab. Shannon Stites said she would contact Vanway Trophy to get ideas and quotes and we would wait to see what we got from NE.

Hunt Test Date: We were given the choice between June 3rd and 4th and July 15th. We talked about when other hunt tests were taking place, and what our best options would be. Mark Stites motioned that we hold the hunt test June 3rd and 4th. Motion was seconded by Katherine Ellett. Club voted, and motion was passed.

Hotels were discussed for the Hunt test and Cinda Jones was going to see is she could get us a good rate. We also discussed judges fees and expenses that may be involved for hosting a hunt test.

Mail Call

No new mail. Jessica Deel passed along some passwords and ideas for social media moving forward due to her resignation. Alan Case's address will be used for all club business.

Alan Case

23926 Village Court

Hill City, SD 57745

Meeting was ajourned by Club President Alan Case at 7:30 pm

Next Meeting will be March 9th, 2017

Mt Rushmore HRC Club Secretary

Shannon L. Stites

Ideas for fundraisers can be messaged to us on Facebook or emailed to alan.case60@gmail.com, as well as any logo ideas. Your participation is welcome.


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