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March Meeting

Mt Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club

held at Hardees, Rapid City, SD

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 9th, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:20 pm

Minutes from the February meeting were read by Club Secretary Shannon Stites. Mark Stites motioned to approve. Motion was seconded by John Hull. Motion passed.

Club Treasurer Cinda Jones gave her report. Current club balance in checking is $335 and $25 in savings. Cinda took in membership fees for the Jones family and a single membership for Katherine Ellett totaling $50. She paid out $35 to UKC for licensing #2001. No other incoming our outgoing expenses reported. Report provided to the secretary for records. Shannon Stites motioned to approve and was seconded by John Hull. Motion passed.

Old Business

John Hull reported regarding the insurance. A quote of $250 a year came from Black Hills Insurance. He also told us about a fundraiser sign up date and more information on the discounts at America's Best Inn.

Alan Case reported regarding our HRC status. UKC has assigned us an id #SD10. Our club hunt test date is still pending for June 3rd and 4th. There was discussion regarding the $500 HRC loan and it was decided to move forward with that. Mark Stites motioned to approve and it was seconded by John Hull. motion passed.

Shannon Stites gave a report of what the fundraising committee has done to date. They have divided lists of businesses to contact and created a form letter to give to them. Anyone who would like to help, please let one of the committee members know, and we can give you a list. Mark mentioned that an HRC in Texas did a Cabela's $1000 gift card raffle that would appeal to more buyers than just a gun. After discussion it was decided that this would be a better route than competing with other gun raffles. Mark Stites motioned to approve the gift card raffle, and printing the tickets. Seconded by Cinda Jones and motion was approved.

Cinda Jones reported that the Non Profit Status is under way. She also reported that the Black Hills Dog Training Club would do food at our hunt test.

The equipment is being stored at Jay Schafers currently. Mark and Alan went through the rubbers on the wingers and everything looked good.

New logo was presented and passes around with the lab @ rushmore. Mark Stites motioned that we approve the logo and the motion was seconded by Cinda Jones. Motion passed. We also discussed colors. Everyone liked to red, white, and blue theme, but we wanted to double check with Vanway and see if there would be added expenses in having three colors. Alan showed us the ribbons we got from the other club and Shannon will take them to Vanway and find out if they can refab them slightly for the first test to save money.

New Business

Banquet Dinner: What to do for food was discussed. it was decided to do Spagetti, Garlic Bread, and Salad. Cinda said she would look into using the 4-H building at the Fair Grounds. We were also going to look and see what they may have for silverware, plates, etc, to hopefully save some money. We discussed all the raffle items, such as the Gunners Up Winger, Garmin Collar, and Purina food that is provided by sponsors as well as all the donations for raffle items.

Bird Boys: We will need about 12. We talked about using a group vs being able to pull enough from our groups of friends. Cinda and Alan were contacting the National Guard, and Civil Air Patrol was mentioned as a backup if that does not pan out.

Judges: Compensation for judges was discussed. Alan said that he will contact the Judges.

Mail: No new Mail

Adjourned 7:40 pm by President Alan Case

Shannon L. Stites


Mt Rushmore HRC

Next Meeting April 6th and May 4th.


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