• Shannon L. Stites

April Meeting

Mt Rushmore Hunting Retriever Club

held at Hardees, Rapid City, SD

Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 6th, 2017

Answered questions by new members in attendance.

The meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:21 pm

Minutes from the March meeting were read by Club Secretary Shannon Stites. Mark Stites motioned to approve. Motion was seconded by Cinda Jones. Motion passed.

Club Treasurer Cinda Jones gave her report. Current club balance in checking is $241.42 and $25 in savings. Shannon Stites motioned to approve and was seconded by Mark Stites.

Old Business

Getting the hunt test up on Hunt Secretary was discussed and where we were at with judges approval. Shannon said she would get a premium up on both Hunt Secretary and the HRC. We set our class sizes.

Ribbons: Shannon Stites presented some ribbon options and Alan brought samples of the existing ribbons from the Panhandle Club that we inherited. It was tabled by Alan Case until the next meeting.

Banquet: Location will be GFP Campus West Conference Rooms

Menu was decided on as spaghetti, salad, and bread sticks as well as drinks and a sheet cake or baked goods for members. Mark is in charge of donations from Coke and will report back on what we can get from them for drinks.

Raffle Tickets: Alan turned in a list of who he gave tickets too and what numbers. All other members who have tickets gave a sales update. Mark will talk to Cabela's and see if we cant do a booth out front to sell tickets on a weekend.

Fundraising Committee: Shannon Stites passed out a list of businesses that we can approach for donations, and we talked about what we have already taken in.

Bathroom at Test: Cinda got quotes for the porta potty for the hunt test and was going to check a few more.

New Business

Permission from Dean/Land owner

Larry said he would stop in and talk to Dean.

Training Day: We discussed having some training days as an HRC club seperately so we could use guns, duck calls, and wingers with consistency. Those running Finished dogs would especially like to handle the gun, run blinds, and diversion birds. Some of the younger dogs will also need to familiarized themselves with wingers.

Charter Fees: We have a yearly HRC due that needs to be paid.

Started Judge: We had hoped to grandfather in one other started judge and were open to suggestions.

Judges Books: Alan told Shannon what would need to be done for the judges books.

Judges lunches and food Friday eve was discussed.

Bird Boys: Alan talked to Robert at EAFB and thought he would have about 8 guys. Other options were discussed.

Ducks: Mark said he would contact Bittner Farms. 120 ducks

No new mail

Meeting was adjourned by President Alan Case at 7:32 pm

Next meeting dates: May 4th


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