• Shannon L. Stites

May Meeting 2017

Meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:05 pm

Secretary Shannon Stites gave the minutes. Motioned to approve by Mark Stites and seconded by Cinda Jones. Motion approved.

Cinda Jones gave the Treasurer Report and provided a copy for records.

Old Business

Shannon gave a ribbon update and it was voted to approve the approx $300, but no greater than $375, to Hodges for new and center ribbons to rehab the ribbon inherited from the NE club. Motion by Shannon Stites and seconded by Cinda Jones.

Banquet- Jerry Stites and Austin Wagner will be in charge of food and all the prep work. Shannon will head over as soon as she is done running dogs and set up the raffle items and coordinate.

Raffle ticket update- remaining tickets and money were turned in.

Fundraising update- No new items outside the raffle and the upcoming test. Done collecting donations.

Talk to Dean- Larry was not in attendance so not there to update what he found out. Alan was going over that weekend to touch base.

Insurance- Alan Case got several quotes. it was motioned by Mark Stites to go with the cheapest company with the most coverage for the money. Motion was seconded by Shannon Stites. Motion approved.

Bird boys- Robert said he would ensure 8 volunteers.

No mail

Meeting was adjourned at 7:14 pm by Alan Case


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