• Shannon L. Stites

MRHRC September Monthly Meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:44 pm

Shannon Stites read the meeting minutes from back in May. Minutes were motioned to be approved by Mark and seconded by Cinda. Motion was approved.

Treasurer Cinda Jones gave her report and handed out a list of everything paid out. Balance was $4879.75. We had a couple of small outstanding items. Mark motioned that now would be good time to pay back our $500 HRC Start up loan. Motion seconded by Shannon Stites. Motion was approved.

Old Business

Hunt Secretary Shannon Stites gave a recap of the hunt test numbers and wrap up.

Alan Case handed out our HRC eval form from Paul. Biggest issue was poor quality of grounds and bodies which we knew. Not having the dog food, a set up dog, and possibly more bird boys to give more breaks.

Training Day: We will be doing training day 10:00 am at Hill City soccer field behind Krulls on Old HC Rd.

New Business

Change Location of Hunt Test: After discussion of feedback about the grounds, and how we can improve, we decided that we would like to gather more information and try to explore our options. Cinda said she would look into some Lodging options during that time near Custer. We also discussed bird boy options, where we would have the Social/dinner, and any other concerns.

Location of the meeting: Since the core group is from the Custer and Hill City area with a few other members popping in here and there, we talked about alternate locations for the monthly meetings. Mark motion to move the meeting to Hill City. Shannon seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Cabelas Demo: We were contacted by Cabelas to do a hunting dog demo and in turn promote our organization. We discussed what it would entail and things that will help down the road in situations like this to promote membership. The two biggest items were banner for tables and business cards. Cinda motioned for a banner with a cap of $100 and business cards with a cap of $30. Motion seconded by Tali. Shannon will follow through on those two items.


What type of fundraising do we want to do moving forward? Smaller raffle was discussed for fall, ending December 15th. Raffle would be a $500 Cabelas gift card, a Cabelas Polar Cap cooler, and a $100 Cabelas gift card. Mark motioned that we approve these raffle items. Seconded by Cinda. Motion passed. Shannon will contact Deb's Printing in Custer. They printed our last tickets for about $60 for 200. Motion to approve Shannon. Seconded by Mark. Motion passed.

Future Needs?

We talked about what equipment we may want to purchase and one of our needs was wingers. Cinda mentioned a guy named Mike Beck in Rapid City that could fabricate them. She was going to get quotes for the next meeting.

AKC Dog Show Oct 20th - we talked about doing a booth.

Next meeting Oct 4th at 6:00 pm at Silver Dollar Saloon in Hill City.

Mail call

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm by President Alan Case


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