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December Monthly Meeting Minutes

The December meeting was held at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Hill City SD on December 7th, 2017. This will be our last meeting for 2017.

Meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:32 pm

Minutes from the November meeting were read by secretary Shannon Stites. Mark motioned to approve and was seconded by Cinda Jones. Motion passed.

Treasurers report was given by Cinda Jones. We currently have $2500 in savings and $1694 .75 in the checking account.

Old Business

Hunt test location: Nothing New. Mark said he would start working on it now that he is back in the area.

Wingers: Cinda had not talked to the fabricator. Mark was going to leave a winger a the airport for her to pickup ans he would take it over for him to look at and use as a template.

Raffle: Talked about still doing th raffle and moving the dates of the draw to correspond with the Cabela's events in hopes of selling a few more tickets there. Shannon was going to get the tickets set up. Mark will talk to Cabela's and get dates set.

New Business

Website: siscussion of the club taking over the fees. It was paid by Mark and Shannon Stites out of pocket for all of 2017 as a donation. Discussion as to if we found it a good and useful tool was discussed and if the club would now take that expense over if in fact it was useful. Motion by Cinda and seconded by Shannon to take it on as a club and pay for it out of club funds. Motion passed.

We went through and voted on HRC rule changes for 2018.

We talked about buying judges books for the next year rather than making them. Motion by Mark and seconded by Cinda to purchase them. Motion carried. Cinda will order them.

Talked about election of officers for our January meeting and tried to talk a few others in to considering office.

Next meeting January 3rd at Silver Dollar Saloon in Hill City at 6:30 pm.

No new Mail.

Meeting adjourned by President Alan Case at 8:15 pm.


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