• Shannon L. Stites

January Meeting Minutes

Held at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Hill City SD.

Meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:32 pm.

Present: Alan Case, Mark Stites, Cinda Jones, Steve Aukes, Michelle Aukes

Secretary's report was read. It was motioned by Cinda to approve and seconded by Steve. Motion carried.

Treasurers report was given by Cinda Jones. Ther is currentl y $2525.35 in our savings account, and $1692.75 in our checking account. We have two outstanding checks. Cinda will be looking into Sales and Use Tax for the club.

Old Business

Land Update: Mark continues looking. He spoke with Randy G, sent letter to Corp, and another land owner. NFS still OK with permit so he will start that process.

Wingers still need a quote.

Raffle tickes Update: Tickets were handed out and all tickets need the drawing date corrected.

Cabela's Update: under new Manager. Looking at 2/10 and 3/10 as our winter demo days.

Membership: Webpage is restarted. Reviewed expected due paying members. Get the raffle tickets on the website and facebook.

New Business:

Donations for the banquet: the list from last year was handed out- Need the letter to go with it updated. Alan said that there is confusion with the test date. He will follow up and get info out. If date changes Mark will talk with Crazy Horse about Banquet. Banquet locations discussed were VFW basement, Custer Corral, or Senior Center in Custer. Cinda asked about blocked hotel rooms and will look into that. Lunch will be provided by the Black Hills Dog Training Club again.

Election of Officers:

Officers remain the same.

President: Alan Case

Vice President: Mark Stites

Secretary: Shannon Stites

Treasurer: Cinda Jones

Motion to accept elected officers motioned by Mark and seconded by Steve. Motion carried.

No new mail

meeting adjourned by President Alan Case at 7:20 pm.

Meeting Minutes prepared by Cinda Jones

Next meeting February 7th at Silver Dollar Saloon at 6 pm.


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