• Shannon L. Stites

March Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held on March 7th at The Silver Dollar Saloon. The meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:02pm.

Secretary Shannon Stites read the minutes from the February meeting. Mark Stites motioned to approve the minutes as read and was seconded by Steve Aukes.

Treasurer Cinda Jones reported that we have $2526.17 in savings and $1839.44 in checking. There are still a couple of outstanding checks including a refund from our hunt test from last June.

Old Business

Land- Mark talked to Forest Service today and they are still processing everything for us, but it is still a go. We also need to find out if we can have a Port-A-Potty on FS land. Alan will talk to Gary W still as well and Mark and Shannon will also stop and talk to the neighbor with the ponds south of the large ponds on Saginaw.

Banquet- We talked about going with The Silver Dollar and a taco bar for the banquet. Cinda motioned to us TSD and Mark seconded the motion. Motion carried. Shannon will contact them to book and make arrangements. Calamity Jane's Winery offered last year to do a social on Friday night before. We can revisit that as we get closer.

Raffle Tickets- a little more money and raffle tickets were turned in and Mark will bring the cooler with to Cabela's.

Cabela's Demo- We talked about what to do and who bring to the demo. we will still be doing the drawing at Cabela's around noon.

Donations- Mark may have a kennel from Dakota 283 and we got an additional donation from Pro Plan of a few hats. We will continue starting to gather items.

Wingers and Equipment- Mark will go down on the 20th to Pueblo to go pickup the Wingers if Alan can arrange it.

Judges- Alan will be making a couple of changes to the judges but will let us know so we can make the changes to HRC and Hunt Secretary.

Application for UKC hunt test is done. Cinda paid our hunt test fee.

New Business

Bird Techs- Mark and Shannon talked to the Lutheran Youth group in Custer. Cinda talked to the Custer Boys Bball team and both were interested. Cinda will also offer it up to the girls bball team. Mark motioned that we offer to donate $1000 to any group that can provide us with 12 ppl per day from 7-6 pm.

Ribbons- Shannon will go in and count to make sure that we have enough.

Lodging and Camping- Cinda is still looking into deals. Shannon recommended looking in Hill City. Alan can also talk to Gary Worth at Echo Valley Campground to try to cut a deal.

Poppers- Alan said that poppers run about $160 for 1000. It was discussed that we will need these for the hunt test and training days. Mark motioned that Alan buy what we need. Motion was seconded by Cinda, and motion carried.

Blinds- We discussed buying a couple blinds. Members can do some research. Dale does have 3 blinds we can use for the test.

Trailer- Mark motioned to approve buying a trailer, spending no more than $2000, to be purchased in the next year. Motion was seconded by Dale. Motion carried. Steve will go look at the trailer his neighbor has for sale that fits the bill and report back to Alan and Mark.

Mail: No mail

Meeting adjourned by Alan Case at 7:53 pm.


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