• Shannon L. Stites

MRHRC April Meeting 2018

Meeting was held at The Silver Dollar in Hill City, SD at 6:30 pm on April 11th, 2018.

The meeting was called to order by President Alan Case at 6:32 pm

Secretary Minutes were read from the March Minutes by Secretary Shannon Stites. Minutes were motioned to approve by Mark and seconded by Steve. Motion passed.

Cinda Jones gave the Treasurers report. We currently have:

Savings: $2526.60

Checking $1396.03

Old Business:

Bird Tech's: The Custer Wrestling Team and Boys Basketball team has committed to provide us with 12 ppl to work for our hunt test for the weekend.

We talked about buying a Club Stamp and Receipt book for the the Treasurer. Motion was made by Mark and seconded by Shannon. Motion passed.

Porta Potties were talked about again. If we cannot have them on the Forest Service grounds, we would need to put them on private property.

Mark said that the Forest Service applications for the Hunt test are in.

Mark was going to talk to Cabela's about putting together some sort of trailer deal or sponsorship for us to get a trailer at a reduced rate.

We discussed locations to hold the Banquet and presented quotes. Shannon said she would talk to the Rocky Knolls Golf Course.

We talked about some of the things needed for the hunt test: water, ice, Subway for the judges on Friday. We will also need to check rubbers and pullys on the wingers.

Next meeting May 2nd 6:00 pm at the Silver Dollar


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